An Inspector Calls Quotes

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    • "[As they stair guiltily and dumbfounded, the curtain falls]"
    • [Lighting "pink and intimate" -> "brighter and harder"]
  • Mr. Birling
    • "Probably a socialist or some crank"
    • "You'd think a woman never had and clothes before she gets married. Women are potty about them"
    • "Unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable"
    • "The Germans don't want war"
    • "I am speaking as a hard-headed business man"
    • "She had to go"
    • "A man has to mind his own business and look after himself and his own"
    • "If we were all responsible for everything that had happened to everybody, we'd had anything to do with, it would be very awkward
    • "The famous younger generation who know it all"
    • "You're not the kind of father a chap could go to when he'd in trouble"
  • Mrs. Birling
    • "Nothing but morbid curiosity"
    • "It was simply a piece of gross impertinence
    • "He should be made an example of"
    • "Arthur, you're  not supposed to say such things"
    • "Girls of that class"
    • "He's only a boy"
    • "You'll realize, that men with important work..."
  • Sheila Birling
    • "The point is that you don't seem to have learnt anything"
    • "But these girls aren't cheap labour - they're people"
    • "You mustn't try to build up a wall between us and the girl"
    • "I rather respect you more than I've ever done before"
    • "Between us we drove that girl to commit suicide"


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