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  • Quickdraw
    • Personal Response
      • Who do you think the sheriff might be?
      • What do you think about the image of kisses being like bullets? Its an oxymoron as they are very contrasting and shows that the lovers using kisses to hurt her which is the opposite to what their meant to do
      • Other than giving the idea of bullets from a gun, What impact does the repetition in the final line have? That the relationship is broken and this is killing her.
    • Feelings and attitudes
      • HURT- the western imagery makes the pain of being in a relationship seem quite physical, knocking her down in the final stanza
      • EXPECTATION- despite the pain that the relationship is causing her, the narrator seems desperate to get the messages- answering the phone quickly in the 1st stanza and fumbling for it in the last.
      • TENSION- the narrator seems on edge throughout the poem
    • About
      • Compares the phone calls/texts to the gun fight in a Western. The narrator seems to get the worst of these encounters, and is left hurt/wounded. The narrator isn't most hurt by cruelty but a series of text message kisses which strike like bullets.
    • Comparison
      • Sister Maude/ Harmonium/ Praise song for my mother/ The Manhunt


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