Poetry- Quickdraw

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  • Quickdraw
    • Structure
      • Quickdraw has four lines for four stanzas.
        • This suggests that their is regularity in their relationsip and they are consistently off and on in their relationship.
      • written in free verse
        • Suggests the unexpected twist that happen, and perhaps although the fact that they argue is predictable the effects hat it has on the other person is unpredictable.
      • Enjambment
        • could suggest that no matter what they will continue to love each other.
        • Could also suggest the continual arguments and the continuous pain they inflict on one another
    • and this...and this...and this
      • This repetition could show how they continue to argue and throw insults at each other over and over again
      • It could also suggest that they continue to put up with the hurt and pain over and over again just to be together.
    • War Imagery
      • "trigger of my tongue"
        • flash decision to use those words, but could lead to a chain reaction, in this case a bigger argument
      • "your voice a pellet"
        • Her words can hurt him just as much as being shot would.
    • phones compared to guns
      • This is effective because the reader can see the way that these two lovers hurt each other most is through their phones
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