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  • Questionnaire
    • Self-report technique investigating people`s beliefs, options and attitudes first hand
    • No interviewer needed to administer questionnaire; it can be posted by mail or online
    • Suitable for a large number of people that need to be surveyed at one time
    • Can be designed to ask different types of questions
      • Close-ended Questions
        • Designed with a pre-set list of answers that respondents can choose from
          • Yes/No or Choose 1 of the options
      • Open-ended Questions
        • No pre-set responses but allow respondent to answer freely, using prose
          • How do you feel about animal research?
    • Strengths and Weaknesses
      • Cheap way to get data for a large sample
      • Ethical as people can choose not to complete it
      • No interviewer so reduced social desirability
      • Low response rate
      • Close-ended questions might not offer right option or allow PP to explain their choice
        • Quantitative data produced that is easily analysed and objective
      • Open-ended questions are harder to analyse
        • Provides freedom for response


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