questionnaires strenghts and weakness

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  • questionnaires
    • strenghts
      • researching larger and sample is represented more as can be posted
      • if geographically dispersed... POST!
      • useful for embarrassing or sensitive questions as can remain anonymous
      • sociologist has minimum contact to responder so cant cause bias
      • positivist sociologists argue its scientific so high in reliability. A random person should get same results.
      • positivists- lots of stats produced for graphs and charts
    • weakness
      • many cannot be bothered to reply to these so low response rate
      • postal suffer lowest response rates
      • interpretivist's- not valid as life is too complex for closed questions
      • interpretivist's- the questions can be interpreted differently and make results not valid!
      • people want to manage impression of themselves and may answer questions to the "normal way" not in their own opinion.
      • interpretivist's argue the closed questions and tick box suffer from the "Imposition problem". Based on sociologist's opinions and experiences which can result in them mapping out experiences and opinions of respondents causing frustration and non compleation


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