Question 2

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  • Question 2
    • What To Do.
      • 2 elements of the headline need explaining.
      • 2 links between headline and the text
      • 2 elements of the picture need explaining
      • 2 links between the picture and the text
    • Facts and Figures.
      • 8 mark question.
      • To get a C you Need 5 Marks
      • 12 minutes to answer the question
      • 5 minutes to read the text.
    • Picture
      • what is in the picture and that is really obvious that you could link to the text.
      • I there any people in the picture? what emotions do they have and can this be linked to the text?
    • Headline
      • Can you pick out three things that you can refer in the text and the picture.
      • I there anything tat you can interpret in the headline that may be important and why?
    • Text
      • As you are reading it highlight anything that you have seen and the three point you have chosen in the headline that easily links to the text
      • I there anything in the text that you can underline in a different colour that can be easily linked to the text from the picture


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