queen killer queen

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  • Queen- Killer Queen
    • performing forces and their handling
      • vocals performed by Freddie mercury high tenor
      • guitar and vocals are overdubbed to create a richer colour
      • guitar techniques include- slides, bends, pull-offs and vibrato
      • recording techniques and effects include- multi-tracking, distortion, panning an overdubbing
    • Melody
      • text setting is mainly syllabic
      • backing vocals a mixture of words and vocalisation bar 8-9
      • combination of conjunct and wide angular leaps in the melody
    • Structure
      • verse-chorus form
      • instrumental, introduction (6 finger clicks), guitar solo
    • Texture
      • main texture homophonic
      • use of imitation
      • use of layering
      • three-part texture during the guitar solo
      • use of panning bar 42-43
      • Antiphonal bar 67-68
    • Harmony and Tonality
      • Eflat major key
      • most chords are in root position
      • some chords in 1st and 2nd diversion
      • some dissonance is created
      • use of altered and extended chords
    • Tempo, metre and rhythm
      • moderato tempo pulse of 112 bpm
      • mainly 12/8 quadruple time
      • swung feel
      • every verse and chorus starts with anacrusis
      • triplets bar 18
      • syncopation


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