Describing the Weather

A mindmap answering the question 'What's the weather like?' in Spanish. (GCSE level)

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  • ¿Qué tiempo hace?
    • Hace buen tiempo = It's fine
    • Hace mal tiempo = It's bad weather
    • Hace calor = It's hot
    • Hace viento = It's windy
    • Hace sol = It's sunny
    • Hace frío = It's cold
    • Está lloviendo = It's raining
    • Está nevando = It's snowing
    • Está nublado = It's cloudy
    • Está despejado = There are clear skies
    • Hay niebla = It's foggy
    • Hay tormenta = It's stormy


Ms Casas


A good mind map that will help you to revise some common expressions to talk about the weather in Spanish. Very good visual support.  



Awh thanks again teacher! :)

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