Quarrying Limestone

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  • Quarrying Limestone
    • Negatives
      • Creates noise pollution
      • Air pollution
        • Lots of dust pollutes the air, causing asthma and possibly cancer in later life.
      • Destroys habitats and landscapes
    • Positives
      • Creates jobs
      • Boosts local economy
      • Needed for building materials
    • Process
      • To quarry limestone you must remove the top layer of soil and/or waste rock by drilling or using explosives
      • Once limestone face is exposed drilling/cutting the limestone begins. The saw usually has diamond in it to make it sharper
      • The limestone blocks are then taken away to a factory, usually a concrete factory. In a concrete factory the limestone is put in a rotary kiln where hot air and limestone is pumped in and 'lime' is produced as well as CO2. This is then used to produce concrete.
        • Calcium carbonate ->(heat)-> Calcium oxide + Carbon Dioxide


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Please look at my link on the bubble about the rotary kiln and the limestone being taken away from the quarry, it is a good visual aid

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