Whatley Quarry Case Study

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  • Quarry - Whatley Quarry, Somerset (Limestone)
    • Advantages
      • Employment (economic)
        • employs around 100 people full-time
      • Study Centre (social)
        • around 4000 people from schools and colleges visit every year
      • The quarry has donated stone to build a cycle track in the local area (social)
    • Disadvantages
      • Noise -  environmental
      • disrupts wildlife - environmental
      • destroyed a large area of habitat  - environmental
        • around 1.5km long and 0.6km wide
      • A man was killed in an industrial accident at the quarry in 2008 - social
    • Whatley Quarry
      • One of UK's largest quarries
      • produces around 5 million tonnes of rock each year


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