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  • quanitative
    • experimental
      • researcher manipulates 1 or more (independent) variables, and measures any change in another (dependent) variables
      • double blinded RCT
      • RCT
      • controlled trials
      • repeated measure trials
      • repeated measures trial
      • cross-over trial
    • non experiemental
      • lacks manipulation of an independent variables     and/or       doesnt control extraneous vairables
      • descripitive
        • telephone and face to face interviews
        • systematic reviews
        • web based survey
        • cross sectional
        • meta anaylsis
        • survey
      • longitidinual
        • casual/correlation
        • observational study
        • focus group
        • audit
        • cohort study
    • feasibility
      • research done before the main study in order to see if it can be done
      • willingness of pps, willingness of cliniicans, objective measures performance, repsonse rate, standard deviation, sample sixe estimation
    • pilot
      • studies are versions of the main study that is run in miniature to test whether the components of the mian study all work together
      • focuses on processes    resembles the main study


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