Business: Section 5 (Quality Assurance)

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  • Quality Assurance
    • Customers expect quality
      • Customer service needs to be good
      • Promotion material can make a difference. The quality of their adverts.
      • Quality assurance is set by firms
    • Products should be good quality for their price
      • The quality can depend on the material or method of production
      • Customers expect products to: Works properly and not fall apart
      • Pay higher prices for better quality
      • Its illegal to sell products that aren't satisfactory quality
    • Customers may need reassurance
      • Quality awards - evidence of high standards
      • Trade associations - Membership of certain trade associations
        • Firms may have to abide by a code of practice set.
        • Can be expelled if a customer was to complain to them
      • Firms often display quality awards or trade associations on advertising


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