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  • Quality
    • Quality assurance
      • the planned activities to monitor quality of a product through design, manufacture and use
      • completed through checks, tests and inspections
    • Quality control
      • The actual activities of inspection and testing (part of achieving quality assurance)
      • Inspection is done through sampling and examining
        • 100% inspection (all units)
        • Normal inspection (uses a sample)
        • Reduced inspection (smaller sample as economy measure)
        • Computer aided inspection (CMM)
      • Testing looks at performance
        • Non destructive (until it shows signs of failing)
        • Testing to destruction (until destroyed)
    • Total quality management is the system of achieving customer satisfaction at every stage
      • All organisation members participate in culture of continuous improvement in order to gain BSI award
    • Quality control in print runs
      • Set off (when ink from one sheet smudges to next)
        • anti- set off spray
      • Colour variation (no colour consistency)
        • Colour bars and densitomer readings
      • Hickies (small areas of unwanted colour from dirt)
        • washing cylinders regularly
      • Bad register (when colours go beyond separations making blurry image)
        • Regular inspection of registration marks
    • Quality standards
      • The BSI kitemark is a British logo that means product has been tested and confirmed that is complies
      • The CE mark is a European logo that indicates a product complies with the European Directive
      • ISO is an international standard that has a technical specification or criteria designed to be used consistently


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