Religious Education - quality of life and sanctity of life

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  • Quality of life vs Sanctity of Life
    • Sanctity of Life
      • life is sacred and holy since it was given by God so only he can take it away
        • people who believe in this usually believe life is of definite and sacred value
      • very biblical and absolute
        • person most qualified for sanctity of life is God as he gave it so only he can take it away
      • considers your rights to life and life regardless of the situation
        • life is important and deserves to be the best it can be. A chance to life means someone can improve the circumstances they were born into
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    • Quality of life
      • The general happiness and well being of a person
        • those who believe in this may believe life is only of value if it is good
      • inferior and changes views on euthanasia , abortion and infanticide
        • person most qualified to judge their quality of life is the person whose life it is
          • life without quality is not worth it. what is the point living if you are not helping or benefitting others?
            • if a person is in pain you should be able to euthanize them and end it
      • considers whether the person has a chance to survive and if their life is worth it


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