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  • Quality
    • Meaning - a product that meets a customers requirements
    • Measuring quality
      • Customers - ask for their feedback
      • Mystery visitor - employ people to secretly test the quality of the service
      • Staff - can be asked to check their work to prevent mistakes
    • Consequences of poor quality
      • Customer dissatisfaction
      • Cost of recalling faulty products
      • Cost of waste
      • Cost of legal action
      • Cost of replacing goods
    • Ways to maintain consistent quality
      • Reliable suppliers
      • Trained staff
      • TQM
      • Involve staff e.g. Kaizen
    • Costs of improving quality
      • Cost of inspection and checking
      • Cost of training staff
      • Cost of selecting better suppliers
    • Benefits of maintaining quality
      • Repeat business
      • Avoidung mistakes saves money
      • Charger higher prices
      • May improve brand
    • TQM
      • An approach to quality which everyone is focused on preventing errors occurring and ensuring quality at each stage of production
      • Zero defects
      • Everyone in the business needs to have clear targets with training and the resources to meet them
      • Not all employees will like the added responsibility TQM brings


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