qualitative data collection

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  • qualitative data collection
    • interviews
      • structured - fixed closed set of questions.       unstructured - open ended qus no interview schedule    semi structured - prepared qus supplemented with open ended. can be face to face/virutal interviews
        • postivies           rich and detailed data     flexible     smaller samples         ideal for sensitive issues        accessible        research control
        • negatives           time consuming for pps and researchers       lack of breadth             some people prefer disussuing senstivie issues anonymously    confidential but not anonymous      pp less control over data
    • focus groups
      • collecting data from multiple pps at the same time         guided discussion        appropriate for exploring views, opinions, perspectives about an issue.         1 unit of data collection is a focus group      3-8 pps
        • postives    good for gathering knowledge       access to everyday ways of talking        very interactive       are able to faciliate disclose       lead to empowerment of pps          reduce power and control of researcher
        • negatives      dont offer in depth views + perspectives     can be difficult to manage      can get off topic            logistically difficult       longer than interviews  transcript time conusming
      • facilitator manage discussion   ask people to talk alot    position pps    convert discussion
      • general intro       estabilsh eye contact     intoduce topics          say little       dont fill short spaces    allow anyone to talk      summarise and thankyou
    • observation
      • gathering data by observation   pps and non pps observed    structured and non structured   recording
      • positives    provides info in areas other methods dont         less complicated procedure of data collection  offer data when pps are not able to provide info    conducted in natural settiing  first hand info
      • negatives        cant study experinces, opnions, perspectives  not adewuate for sensitive subjects  time consuming   observer bias
    • collecting participant generated textual data
      • positives       quick way to generate data easy way to access sample geographically quick from data collection to analyse  avoids ethics
      • negatives      less depth       limited scope for flexibility with data collection    difficult for some groups    big committments   highly motivated


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