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  • Qualitative data
    • phemenology
      • applied to first person experience of illness in order to imlluminate this experience to enable a better understanding
    • ethnography
      • researchers emmerse themselves in siutation they sre studying
    • grounded theory
      • analsis and development of theories happen after data is collected
    • case studies
      • intensive study about personal group to genralise over several units
    • narrative inquiry
      • process of gathering information for purpose of research through stroy telling
    • credibility
      • fit between pps views and researchers representations of them.
      • member checking, prolonged engagment, closeness of researcher to pps
    • transferability
      • adequancy of the description to enable identifcation of  similar situations
      • rich thick descripition
    • dependability
      • transparency of research protocol and deicsion trial
      • audio recording, audit trial, intercoding agreement, reflexivity.
        • reflexivity ; researchers role in production of results must be described as well as his/hers relationship with the participant and research theme
    • confimability
      • data, finding and interpreation are clearely linked
      • triangulation, participant debriefing


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