Qualifications procedure for a legal executive, barrister and solicitor

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  • Qualification process
    • Barristers
      • 1) 5 GCSE's with A-C grades in english+math
        • 2) A levels either AAA or AAB
          • 3) To enter the bar a uni degree is required, if it's not in law they should take a  1 year vocational course (GDL)
    • Solicitors
      • 1) 5 GCSE's with A-C grades in math+English A- levels varying on university attending plus a uni degree or 1 year GDL
        • 2) 1 year vocational course (LPC) which involves training such as: interviewing, drafting documents, negotiation, advocacy and accounting
    • Legal executives
      • 1) 5 GCSE's A-C grades and A levels
        • 2) Pass a professional diploma in law and the professional higher diploma in law
          • 3) They then should work in a solicitors firm or other legal organisations after they officially become CILEX (chartered institute of legal executives)


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