Question 2

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  • Q2
    • Explain how the headline and picture are effective and how they link with the text.
      • DON'T link the picture and the headline!
      • Comment on the effect of the words used in the headline
      • comment on the effect of the details used in the picture
      • explain how examples from the text link to the headline / picture
    • Write around 2 pages
      • No intro or conclusion
        • maybe one line starter saying why it was written.
    • How does it make you feel?
      • how do the colours make you feel in the picture?
    • Perceptive comments
    • Infer!
    • Think outside of the box - but not too far!
      • Imagine  you are like a commentator at a football game
    • Look for different interpretations to expand upon
    • Use semantic fields
    • Look for font, punctuation, kind of sentence, adjectives, puns, etc...
      • what role do they play?
        • why?
        • Effectiveness?
      • how do they link?
    • 8 marks
    • Draw lines from headline to links in text
    • Support points with reasonable quotations!


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