Irish push and pull factors for emigration

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  • Push and pull factors for Irish emigration
    • Highland clearances
      • Many of the irish were 'cleared' from their homes
      • This was because landlords wanted to replace them with sheep which would make them more money
      • This forced many people to leave Irealnd and start a new life elsewhere
    • Cheap fares
      • As many of the Irish were poor, they couldn't afford to go to places with high ticket rates
      • Fares to Scotland were cheap, so many Irish moved there
      • Irish people with more money, however could afford to go to places like the USA
    • Potato famine
      • In the 1840's, the potato famine hit Ireand
      • As many Irish worked as farmers, with their main crop as potatoes, it made them poorer, as nobody would buy their potatoes
      • Many people had no other choice but to eat the potatoes, which made them sick and led to death.
      • Because many farmers couldn't buy food or eat their potato crop, they usually died of illness or starvation.
      • This all led to many remaining Irish to leave and go to other countries which the potato blight hadn't hit
    • Job opportunities
      • In Scotland, wages were higher than in Ireland
      • Many employers in Scotland welcomed the Irish as they had a reputation for being hard-working
      • Jobs were plentiful in Scotland as there was a shortage of workers
    • Distance
      • Scotland was closer than Canada or America
      • Many people already had family living in Scotland that could help find a house or work
    • Housing avaliability
      • In Scotland, particularly Glasgow and Dundee, there was a lot of housing avaliable
      • The homes offered a higher standard of living compared to the houses in Ireland


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