Puritan rule-moral laws

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  • New laws brought in the by Comwell
    • Before the protectorate. Men gather to do sport after church, popular sports included wrestling,leaping and pike-throwing.
      • After Puritan attitudes, sunday is the sabbath day.people should go to church on a sunday and keep it as a holy day
      • during the protectorate it was banned
    • Communities gathered for food and alcoholic drinks, these include church ales members of the parish brewed ale for theses gatherings and sold to get funds for the church
      • people shouldn't drink and feast.Drinking leads to bad behavior and they should learn to control their appetites
      • druing the protectorate it was banned
    • families gather for feasting and games on christmas day
      • christmas is the most holy day of the year people should spend a quiet day reading the bible
      • during the protectorate this was banned


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