pure land buddhism

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  • pure land buddhism
    • sukhavati (means happy place) sutra - mentions dharmakhara the monk (he vowed to the buddha he will follow merit - doing good things to build up a good 'reputation')
      • dharmakara invested all of his merit into a happy place (the pure land) as he built up so much by doing good things
        • became the amitabha buddha
          • the pure land is an easier place for people to become enlightened
    • they believe in this current degenerate age (mappo) following the 8 fold path is very difficult
      • so instead they aspire to be reborn in the pure land of amitabha where they can progress quickly along the bodhisattva path under his guidance
    • one is born into the pure land from within a lotus flower, whilst inside one is purified of karma
      • can get in by - making offerings, studying scriptures and going on pilgrimage. can be done through visualising him.
        • chants - namu amida butsu (japanese the nembutsu)
    • jodo shu (japanese pure land)
      • honen is the founder of the japanese pure land. tendai monk who was exiled for his non-conformist belief
    • largely a fantasy - feuerbach and freud and marx argue religion is a man made concept
    • shinran devised the pure true land (jodo shin shu). he was a disciple of honen
      • he left  the temple to get married as he had a vision and today jodo shin shu temples are run by married priests who pass their duties onto their children
        • rebirth in the pure land is nirvana for shinran
          • however, honen believed that the pure land is a step before nirvana





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