Purcell music for a while

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  • purcell - music for a while
    • melody
      • word painting
        • 'pains' (bar 12) dissonance
        • falling notes, repeated. (B23-25 'drop')
        • melisma 'wond'ring' B10
        • long melisma 'eternal' B20
      • ornamentation
        • appogiatura (b13 or 35)
        • trill B13
        • grace notes B31
        • mordent B36
      • sequences
      • conjunct movement with passing notes
      • soprano melody has a range of a 9th
    • RYTHM
      • lots of quavers and semi quavers
      • time sig 4/4 quadruple time
      • dotted rhythms in harpsichord RH
      • slow tempo
      • occasional syncopation (bar 20)
      • occasional off beat rhythms
    • texture
      • the RH of the harpsi provides its own melodic interest
        • its improvised/ornamented (provides counterpoint to the soprano
      • the acc is in the LH of the harpsichord and bass viol
      • melody and accompinament
    • harmony
      • mostly functional and diatonic
      • occasional suspensions ans dissonance
      • some false relations
      • end of ground bass phrase leads into the start of the next w/ a P cadence and octave leap in bass part
      • general sad mood A MINOR
      • modulates to c major in middle of piece
      • based on repeating ground bass
      • ground bass does change in B22 in order to modulate to cmajor
      • loosely ternary ABA form


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