Pupil responses and subcultures

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  • Pupil responses and subcultures
    • Fuller and Mac an Ghaill; Rejecting negative labels
      • Fullers 1984 study of  high achieving black girls in london comprehensive. Instead of accepting negative labels, they channelled their anger about being labelled into the pursuit of educational success. They did not seek approval from teachers.
      • Mac an Ghaill 1992 study of black and asian a level students. Students who believed teachers had labelled them negatively did not necessarily accept the label. How they responded depended on their ethnic group and gender.
    • Mirza; failed strategies at avoiding racism
      • Studied ambitious black girls who faced teacher racism and found racist teachers discouraged black pupils from being ambitious through the advice they gave them about careers.
      • The colour blind; believe pupils are equal but in practice allow racism to go unchallenged
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