Punishments Over Time

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  • Punishments over time
    • Anglo-Saxons (410-1066)
      • Mutilation
        • In order for people to repent to God for their sins
        • The removal of limbs
      • Fines
        • Wergeld (hurting someone) Botgeld (murdering someone)
        • This was done to remove the Blood Feud which ran between families.
      • Hanging
    • Normans (1066-1154)
      • Public Execution
        • This was done as a deterrent to prevent rebellion
      • Stocks and pillories
        • This was an act of public humiliation
          • For people who broke the church's teachings (adultery)
    • Romans    (40-410)
      • Sewn into a sack with a snake
        • Patriachy
        • If a son killed his father he would receive this punishment
      • Fed people to lions
        • Those who did not obey the hierarchy
        • This mostly happened to Christians
      • Furca
        • This happened to a slave who stole
        • Slaves were valuable to their owners so they were not killed.
      • Crucifixion
        • This was to prevent slave rebllion
        • This was to those who challenged the hierarchy


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