Punctuation and Grammer

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  • Punctuation and Grammer
    • Possessive Apostrophe
      • if the owner is singular = _'s
      • Examples
        • George's speech
        • Horsham's residents
        • the boys' classroom
      • Today's society
      • if the owner is plural = _s'
      • time = a year's time three months' time
    • The omission apostrophe : I'm
    • There - over there, there is/are       Their - belonging to them     They're - they are
    • It's - it is, it has Its - belonging to it (the cars has lost its wheel)
    • That's - that is
    • Possessive Apostrophe
    • A colon will often introduce a list and provides a break between the main points and its detail
      • E.g. When I was in the attic I found all sorts of memories: old pictures, photographs and old school books
    • A semi-colon will often balance ideas
      • E.g. In summer I play tennis; in winter I play badminton
      • A semi-colon is also used to separate longer phrases in a list.
        • E.g. The orchestra was tremendous; the horns played with great verve; the strings brought out the tune; and the percussion added great drama


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