Pulmonary Tuberculosis

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  • Pulmonary Tuberculosis
    • Caused by:
      • Myobacterium tuberculosis
      • Myobacterium bovis
    • Symptoms
      • Persistent cough
      • Tirdness and fatigue
      • Loss of appetite
        • Weight loss
      • Fever
      • Coughing up blood
    • Course of infection
      • Primary Infection - common in children
        • Inhale bacteria
          • Bacteria grows in upper regions of the lungs where there is sufficient oxygen
            • White blood cells accumalate and inject bacteria
              • Inflammation/ enlargement of lymph nodes surrounding lung area
                • Few symptoms - easily controlled within a few weeks - some bacteria may remain
      • Secondary Infection - 'Post-primary tuberculosis' -common in adults
        • Bacteria may re-emerge
          • Bacteria accumulates in upper regions of lung and destroys lung tissue
            • Resulting in cavities and scar tissue
              • Sufferers cough up damaged lung tissue containing bacteria/blood
                • This 'post-primary tuberculosis' infection is not so easily controlled
                  • TB may spread to the rest if the body and can be fatal
    • Prevention
      • Tested for immunity against TB
        • If immunity test is negavtive - a vaccination containing  an attenuated form of M.bovis
      • Education on how to use antibiotics
      • Beter housing
      • Better nutrition
      • Improved health facilities/ treatments


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