Public Health from 1900 to now

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  • Public Health from 1900 to now
    • Discovery of DNA
      • Mendel-showed characteristics could be passed on
        • Discovery of DNA through new technology
          • James Watson+ Francis Crick showed how genetic codes fit together
            • Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins-double helix
              • Watson-human genome project
    • New possibilities
      • Improved vaccines and insulin
      • Stem cells
      • Better understanding of Down's Syndrome and cancer
    • Treatment
      • Magic Bullet
        • Syphilis, blood poisoning, pneumonia, scarlet fever and menngitis
      • Penicillin
        • Alexander Fleming
          • Discovered penicillin kills bacteria in mice and later humans
    • The NHS
      • Aneurin Bevan
        • Taxes
          • Seeing a GP
          • Hospital care and operations
          • Health visitors for children/ pregnant women
          • Dentists, opticians and ambulances
          • Care for the elderly




Thanks! This helped me a lot! :)

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