Public Health during Medieval Times

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  • Public Health during Medieval times
    • Christianity
      • God made people ill because he was displeased with them or was testing their faith
      • The Church taught people to follow Jesus' example and care for the sick
      • Many saints were related to certain illnesses, so people prayed to the saint they thought could help them.
      • The Church discouraged dissection and did not approve of people challenging ideas and authority.
      • Only ideas approved by the Church were taught
      • Galen's theories fitted Christian beliefs that the body has a soul and all parts had been created by God to work together
    • Hospitals and Doctors
      • Hospitals mainly cared for the sick rather than cured them and were run by religious orders.
        • Hospitals were built for specific illnesses.
        • Almshouses were built dor 'deserving' poor and elderly
      • Medical Training happened in Monastries, where medical texts were kept.
      • When the Romans left, the number of doctors declined, as did the quality of health care.
    • The Black Death
      • Symptoms
        • Fevers and chills
        • Headache
        • Vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal pain
        • Buboes
      • Cures
        • Praying/ Fasting
        • Cleaning the streets
        • Smelling bad smells
        • Carrying herbs/having birds fly around to avoid bad air
        • Not letting unknown people into the town or village
      • Causes
        • Outsiders
        • Religion
        • Astrology
        • Miasma
        • Volcanoes
        • 4 Humours
    • Treating the sick in 1350
      • Physicians
        • Expensive
        • Very few of them
        • Diagnosed illnesses
        • Trained at university
      • Barber Surgeons
        • No training
        • Cheap
        • Amputations
      • Monks/Nuns
        • Free
        • Treated the poor and elderly, using Church donations
      • Apothecaries
        • No qualifications
        • Cheap
        • Mixed own Medicines
      • Housewife Physicians
        • Childbirth/ common ilnesses
        • Cheapest and most accessible
        • Herb and plant remedies
      • Lucky charms /pilgrimmages
      • Urine/zodiac charts




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