Pt 3 of political stability

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  • Quest for political stability pt 3
    • The restoration
      • army didnt want Cromwell to be king
        • sept 1658- Cromwell dies and the army force his son to resign
          • rump brought back briefly
            • George monk- allows decisions to be made by MPs
              • C2 got monks soldiers their back pay and a position in royal army
      • The long parliament meets with C2
        • Declaration of breda- act od reassuance of restoration
        • C2 left parliament to organise terms of restoration
          • pardons those who fought against him and had a decree of religious tolerance
      • the restoration settlement 1660-64
        • cavalier parliament 1661
          • pro royalist
            • undermined the work of the republic
              • milita act 1661- king controlled army.               triennia act 1664- undermines calling p every 3 yrs
        • religious settlement = conflict
          • savoy meeting - prebertarian royalists allowed in the church
          • high church party led by shelron wanted restoration of laudian system
          • declaration of indulgence
            • suspended uniformity act and protected catholics
    • conflict between king and parliament
      • C2 = catholic leanings
        • Pro french forgein policy
          • 2nd anglo-dutch war
            • james dofy lost and was blamed
            • earl of claredon also blamed by the cabal
        • treaty of dover -allied ENG with FRA for 3rd A-D war
      • 2nd declaration of indulgence
        • 1672- aimed to protect catholics- based on kings power
      • the test act and Danby
        • indulgance maintained until parliment was called 1673
        • test act = public officers must reject Catholicism
          • dofy and clifford resigned
            • clifford replaced by Danby
    • popish plot
      • conspiracy- plot to kill C2 +J
    • exclusion crisis
      • wanted to james from the line of succession
        • C2 removed J from sight and progoged parliament
          • refused to accept illegitimate son as hier
            • house of lords rejected exclusion bills
      • Shaftesbury and the whigs
        • oxford parliment dissolved due to whig mob
        • no parliment called agin
      • rye house plot- kill C2 and J put son on throne - plot discovered leaders executed


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