Psycology Phobias

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  • Characteristics of phobias
    • Emotional- how someone feels
      • Anxiety- Leading to fear of spiders. They suffer and cannot relax and experience positive feelings
      • Example: arachnophobia is the fear of spiders. Often the emotional  response is disproportionate to the danger posed
    • Behavioural- how someone behaves/acts
      • Panic
        • In response to the phobic stimulus
          • Example: Freezing, screaming and running away
      • Endurance
        • Remaining in the presence of the phobic stimulus in a state of high anxiety
      • Avoidence
        • Making a lot of effort to stay away from the phobic stimulus.This can interfere with daily life
    • Cognitive-how people think/ processes information
      • Selective attention to the phobic stimulus.
        • Paying unusual attention to the phobic stimulus
      • Irrational beliefs
        • In relation to the phobic stimulus. This exacerbates the problem
      • Cognitive distortions
        • Perceptions (understanding) of the phobic stimulus may be distorted
          • Example: Omphalophobia- Seeing belly buttons as disgusting


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