Limits of sensibility

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  • psychophysics: study of relationship between physical stimuli and the sensations they evoke in human observer. BUT senses only send most imp data to the brain - limits of sensibility
    • Transduction: transducers convert one kind of energy into another - there are several types of stimuli that cannot be sensed directly because we dont have sense receptors to transduce their energy
    • Absolute Thresholds: the min amt of physical energy necessary to produce a sensation - vary for diff ppl and change from time to time for a single person but sometimes there is subliminal perception (perception of a stimulus below the threshold for conscious recognition) - has an emotional impact somehow
    • Difference thresholds: a change in stimulus intensity that is detectable to an observer - psychophysicsshows that we per Weber's law, the just noticeable diff is a constant proportion of the original stimulus intensity
    • Sensory analysis and coding: our senses analyse sensory info by separating it into imp basic elements (perceptual features) - they act like feature detectors sometimes- after analysis, they code this sensory info to transmit to the brain -
      • the type of sensation you experience depends on which brain area is activated- this sensory localisation makes it possible to artificially restore senses


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