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  • Psychopathology
    • we learn a lot about systems in the brain via things that go wrong, want to know how works break it put it back
    • Demonology- full of demons must get out
    • Somatogenesis treat underlying illness ie. infection
      • General Paresis 1800's decline psy + pys functioning + delusions die soon
        • Somatogenic hypothesis LT syphilis infection causes imflammation minengiees of brain = treatments
      • Kraeplin + classification biological + genetic, cluster symptoms = syndrome. Common pattern.
        • first categories (manic dep) Dementia Praexoz (SZ)
    • Modern concepts ; pharmaceuticals
    • 1. demonlogy, somogenisis, demon, early mental, psychogenesis, modern
    • photogenisis- symptoms arise psychologically
      • hysterical paralysis hypnosis move limb, iceberf
    • Diathesis stress model
      • rarely one, diathesis + stressors
      • Biopsychological model multi causal ; learning genetics + social support
        • medical neglect social disorders a lot
    • Classification systems
      • DSM/ American, ICD world
      • DSM V, mental. - behavioural or psy. Casuses of stress in life, not explained by circ, cultural differences- culture specific
        • focuses consequences not causes
      • DSM IV - patient accessed 1. clinical, 2. personality, 3. general med cond, psychosocial environmental 5 global assessment how well coping
      • labelling = prejudged?. Culturally and temporally bound
    • Mood disorders
      • Major depression ; long time, mot bereazvement. 7-12% men 20-25% wmen.
        • Cognitive theory beck
      • Dysthymia; chronic, LT. Think part character/ 2 years, persistent. No manic
      • Biological;
        • family studies need separation twins
        • Norephinephines, dopamine serotonin (SRRI's stop sucked up)
        • why not immediate?
        • Increased activation limbic system goes normal after SSRIS
      • learned helplessness, animal pain cant escape learns to feel normal. Lower wall won't escape learned to be helples
      • other
        • negative schema set irrational beliefs beck
        • Rumination Nolen Hoeksema going over neg thoughts
        • explanatory style; negative explanation of world beck
    • Bipolar disorder 3 or more persisted; inflated self esteem, talkative....
      • 20% suicide men succeed more attempt less
      • psychotic episodes
      • Biological? 60% concordance rate twins DNA 12% fraternal
      • Serotonin dopamine
      • increased volume/ activity in amygdala attached long tail like structure near hippocampus
    • Anxiety
      • ptsd, specific phobia, social anxiety, ocd, gad
      • physical high BP etc
      • cog: hyper vigilance + automatic thoughts of anxiety, affective fright Behavioural escape/ defense
      • GAD, anxiety most days 6 mnths fatigue 5%
        • overestimate threat
        • heritability
      • less GABA = less avalibility to inhibit frontal lobe activity


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