Learning Theory, Bowlby's Theory, EWTs, Improving Memory, the CI

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  • Psychology
    • Eye Witness Testimonies
      • Age
        • Appearance of women on street
        • Effects on children
        • Rate on attractiveness
      • Anxiety
        • Overheard discussion vs Heated debate
        • Yuille- bystanders not as good as victims
      • Misleading information
        • Wording of question: "A" vs "THE"
        • Red handbag
        • Smashed vs collided or hit
    • Bowlby's Theory
      • MICIS
        • Innate Programming
        • Monotropy
        • Critical Period
        • Internal Working Model
        • Social Releasers
      • Evaluation
        • Strength: Hazan and Shaver
          • Infants who were scurely attached had healthier relationships- INTERNAL WORKING MODEL
        • Limitation: Schaffer and Emerson
          • Only 13% of 18 month old infants were only attached to one person- MONOTROPY
        • Not useful: bonding happens through nature, can't be improved. First few years are critical
        • Shows us: attachment is innate, survival depends on parents
    • Learning Theory
      • Operant Conditioning
        • Negative Reinforcement
        • Positive Reinforcement
      • Classical Conditioning
        • Unconditioned Stimulus
        • Conditioned Stimulus
        • Neutral Stimuls
    • Cognitive Interview
      • Report every detail
      • Recall from a different order
      • Cognitive reinstatement
      • Recall from a different perspective
    • Memory Improvement
      • Use of hierarchies
      • Mind maps
      • Acronyms and acrostics
      • Method of Loci
      • Information processed in a meaningful way
      • Retrieval cues
      • Time consuming
    • Definition of Attachment
      • An emotional bond between infant and caregiver that affects behaviour through life


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