Psychology: Social Influence (with links to case studies)

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  • Psychology: Social Influence
    • Conformity to social roles
      • Zimbardo's SPE
      • Social role: the behaviours that others expect of you
    • Minority influence
      • Consistency: the minority keep the same beliefs over time
      • Commitment: the minority are willing to die for their cause  e.g. suffragetes
      • Compromise: the minority are willing to show some flexibility in order to achieve their goal
      • Moscovici's minority influence study
    • Conformity
      • Compliance: going along with the majority publicly, but keeping your view privately
      • Identification: having your public and personal view changed to be that of the majority
      • Informative social influence: agreeing with the majority because you believe they are correct
      • Normative social influence: agreeing with the majority to look normal/ fit in
      • Asch's line experiment; group size, unanimity and task difficulty
      • Identification: going along with the majority view publicly to fit in with the group
    • Obedience to authority
      • Milgram's Electric Shock Experiment
        • Situational factors;   allies, proximity (victim/authority)  location
      • Explanations for obedience
        • Adorno's authoritarian personality (F scale)
    • Resistance to SI
      • External LOC: believe what happens to them is due to luck or the actions of others
        • More likely to conform
      • Social support, e.g. people who are also resisting the majority can make resistance stronger
      • Internal LOC: take control of their own destiny / actions
        • More likely to resist
    • Social influence flash cards
    • Social influence crossword


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