psychology research methods - interview

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  • research methods -interview
    • structured
      • produces quantitative data
      • pre-determined questions
        • the interviewer will not deviate from the questions.
      • also known as a formal interview
      • strengths
        • easy to replicate
          • good reliability
        • quick to conduct
          • large sample can be obtained
      • Limitations
        • not flexible
          • doesn't allow a interviewer to ask why they think this
        • lack detail
          • doesn't allow a interviewer to ask why they think this
    • unstructured
      • strengths
        • flexible
          • interviewer is able to deviate from the questions
        • qualitative data from the open data
        • gives a deeper under-standing
          • increasing validity
      • referred as discovery interviews
        • sometimes called an informal interview
      • contain open-ended questions
      • the questions can be asked in any order
      • limitations
        • time consuming
        • employing trained interviewer is expensive
    • semi-structured
      • pre-determined questions but are free to have follow up question for more elaborate answers


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