Contains info on coding, capacity and duration. also has names of researchers that support

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  • Memory
    • Coding
      • Definition: the format that information is stored in
      • Short Term Memory: mainly accoustic
        • Research Support: Baddeley (1966a)
      • Long Term Memory: mainly Semantic
        • Research Support: Baddeley (1966b)
    • Duration
      • Definition: the length of time that the information can be stored for
      • Short Term Memory: between 18-30 seconds
        • Research Support: Peterson and Peterson (1959)
      • Long Term Memory: up to a lifetime
        • Research Support: Bahrick and Co. (1975)
    • Capacity
      • Definition: how much information can be stored
      • Short Term Memory: 5-9 items on average
        • Research Support: Miller (1956), (Jacobs (1887))
      • Long Term Memory: UNLIMITED
        • [No Proper Research Support]


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