Psychology Essays May 2016 Paper 1

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  • SAQ: MAY 2016
    • Describe the function of one hormone in human behaviour
      • Hormone: Chemical messenger of the endocrine system and is transported by blood to distal target cells
      • Although hormones may act as neurotransmitters by activating receptor sites within the synapse, it is the origin of the chemical that classifies it as a hormone
      • Hormone example: Adrenaline
      • Human Behaviour: Memory
      • Study: McGaugh and Cahill (1995)
      • Response focuses on how adrenaline influences memory
      • Describe: Detailed account of the function of adrenaline in behaviour
    • Explain how one principle that defines the cognitive level of analysis may be demonstrated in one example of research
      • Outline Principle: Mental representations that guide behaviour
      • Brief summary of study: Brewer and Tryenes (1981)
      • Explicit link between schema and Brewer and Treyens
      • Explain how schema guide behaviour which defines the cognitive level of analysis and is demonstrated through one study
    • Describe the role of situational and dispositional factors in explaining behaviour
      • Dispositional Factors: Internal factors (personality, intelligence and attitude)
      • Situational Factors: External Factors (group pressure, social norms and culture)
      • Study: Zimbardo (1971) Stanford Prison Experiment
      • Refer to Experiment to help describe the different factors. Description of factors need to be balanced
      • Dispositional and Situational Factors must be linked to a study


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