Psychological therapies - psychoanalysis

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  • Psychological therapies - Psychoanalysis
    • many of the factors that cause behaviour operate at an unconscious level
      • there are the result of repressed memories or unresolved conflicts from childhood
    • Free association
      • patient expresses thoughts exactly as they occur, even if they appear unimportant
      • intends to reveal areas of conflict and to bring repressed memories into consciousness
      • therapist then helps to interpret these memories and the patient may add further thoughts or feelings
    • Dream analysis
      • Freud said that dreams were full of symbols which represent what is going on in our unconscious
      • analysing our dreams help us to understand our unconscious
    • Transference
      • transferring feelings about a certain person onto the therapist
      • feeling can be +ve or -ve
      • helps to reveal repressed feelings
      • analyst remains neutral throughout


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