psychological therapies of shizophrenia

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  • psychological therapies for schizophrenia
    • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
      • A01-distorted beliefs alter the persons behaviour in maladaptive ways. delusions are thought to result from faulty interpretations of events- CBT aims to identify and correct these
      • a01-asked to trace origins of their symptoms and how they've developed
        • A02- appropriateness- it works by trying to generate less distressing explanations rather than eliminating them completely. not everyone benefits from CBT
      • outcome studies- patients who receive cbt experience fewer hallucinations and delusions and recover to their original functioning
        • A02- effectiveness- supporting research, gould meta analysis. how much is due to the effects of CBT alone?
    • family intervention
      • family environment has a potential to influence the course of schizophrenia
        • A02-  appropriateness- economic benefits- cheaper than standard care. cultural limitations - hospilitisation levels may differ across countries.
      • reduced EE and stress and increased capacity of relatives to solve problems= reduce relapse rates
      • forming an alliance with relative who care, reducing emotional climate, reduce anger and guilt
      • A02- effectiveness, the relapse rate in the family intervention condition was 26% and in the control condition it was 50%. improved mental state and social functioning.
    • A02 methodological limitations of family interventions- randomisation and lack of binding. ethical issues- increased harm when dealing with schizo.


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