Psychological therapies

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  • Psychological Therapies
    • Systematic de-sensitisation (SD)
      • This gradually introduced an individual to an object that makes the person anxious
      • They are fearful of this item that has been fears for a long period of time
      • When people feel anxiety in a certain situation then they begin to avoid it
      • SD works by introducing them back to the object gradually
      • This was first developed by Wolpe (1950) this shows that fear can be dispelled
    • Use of SD
      • In the early days patients would learn to confront their fear
      • In more recent years the therapist would ask the patient to imagine the situation
      • When individuals are able to mentally able to cope then they can start to physically  cope with it
      • Such exposure treatments can often be completed in a single session (Ollendick et al 2009)
      • Behaviour therapists will often use this procedure when treating phobias, shyness and related problems
    • Evaluation
      • Appropriateness
        • They are appropriate for helping with anxiety related disorders
        • Behavioural therapies are generally quick and require less effort
        • Patients also play a bigger part in SD
        • This form of treatment can also be self administered by using a computer stimulus
      • Reduce effectiveness for some phobias
        • Ohman et al (1975) suggested that SD may not be effective in treating anxity
        • It may be hard to treat phobias that have been caused by a result of a personal experience
        • The reason for the difference is because of ancient fears that helped our ancestors survive
        • Ancient fears are therefore harder to shift even modern humans


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