psychological explanations

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  • psychological explanations of schizophrenia
    • psychological theories
      • A01-psycho-dyamic explanations- regression to a pre ego state & attempts to re establish control from this infantile state and can lead to schizo symptoms
      • A01-cognitive explanation- further features of schizo emerge as people try to understand their condition. conformation of beliefs could result in schizo turning against person.
      • A02- theres no research support for freuds specific idea. parents of schizophrenics have been found to act differenly in the presence of their disturbed off spring. but is likely to be a consequence of their childrens problems as a cause.
      • A02- evidence for a physcial basis for the cognitive deficits associated with schizo- yellowlees developed a machine that intends to show hallucinations aren't real.
    • socio-cultural factors
      • A01-life events- discrete stressors, eg death have been associated with higher risk of schizo.
      • A01-family relationships- double bind theory- contradictory messages from parents are more likely to develop achizo & Expressed emotion (family style of communication unvolves criticism and emotional over involvement
      • A01- labelling theory, once a diagnostic label is applied, it becomes self fulfilling, leading to further symptoms.
        • A02- not all evidence supports life events- only correlational. family relationship importance supported by adoption studies. EE, cause or effect of schizo.


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