Psychological Explanations of AN

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  • Psychological Explanations of AN
    • Behaviourist
      • AN seen to be the result of the impact of social norms, values, and roles.
      • Policy and Herman found dieting pressure so great that American eating is characterised by dieting.
      • Dr Dawnson - media portrayal of dieting products result in self consciousness.
      • Aurback suggests that dieting companies should be sued for their influence on AN.
      • Slimming become a habbit through simulus-response mechanisms.
      • Anorexia is seen to be more common in Western industrial countries.
    • Psychodynamic
      • Crisp- disorder may represent an unconscious desire to remain pre-pubescent.
      • Suggested that AN sufferers are fixated/obsessively attached to the oral stage of development.
        • Associated with protection - eg when the baby is fed by it's mother.
      • Could be an attempt to control an aspect of their lives, separating themselves from their parents.
        • Bruch found that AN sufferers struggle to feel autonomous and independent.
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    • Cognitive
      • sufferers believe they cannot be valued without ideal body image
      • Orimoto found a consistent pattern of distorted thinking among AN sufferers.
      • (-) But where do these irrational beliefs come from?


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