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  • Psychological Explanations
    • Psychodynamic
      • Sz caused regression ego defence mechanism
        • ego = understanding society if raised cold uncaring parents ego protect us. Regression = childhood phase.
          • leaves ID in charge focus on ourselves lose touch with reality. Hallucinations = trying to gain touch
            • supported by Laing SZ lose reality to cope with pressure.
      • Scizophrenogenic mother
        • Fromm-Reuchman = 'sz mother' cold dominant rejecting
          • evaluation: Waring + Rick SZ mothers were shy
        • Brown et al 9 mnth follow up sz patients back to home. High EE 58% relapse 10% low EE
          • ee = hostility critical after diagnosis
        • Double bind = wanting + rejecting child cannot help but displease
          • Bateson SZ higher double bind statements
        • Evaluation
          • Not scientific
          • can't compare all behaviours of SZ infant
          • Studies show SZ parents behave differently, because of disorder?
          • Deterministic= childhood trauma = SZ
    • Cognitive explanations
      • agrees bio hallucinations caused by biology BUT ind tries to understand sensory experiences
        • as they try to understand others fail conform = them hiding truth = SZ
      • in a 'normal' brain filter mechanism. SZ too much stimuli can't focus/ interpret
      • Frith's model
        • conscious = high concentration limited capacity one task. Preconcious = without awareness many tasks
          • SZ no attention filter unimportant info gets in so info seen as important = delusions
        • Auditory = bombarded with sound preconcious interprets it only sig reaches conscious
          • if filter defective = misinterpret speech = voices
        • FRETS- cog deficits caused by areas use dopamine especially in areas to prefrontal cortex SZ reduced blood flow in these areas
      • Hemsleys model
        • NON SZ give meaning sensory input subconsciously (schemas ) if process breaks down = SZ chemas not activated overload info = not know what to attend to
          • Bentall attention bias towards info threatening / emotional= paranoid delusions
      • Eval
        • Meyer excess dop and prefrontal cortex dysfunctions in working memory
          • cognitive disorganization typical SZ = underlying bio
        • practical app = Yellowless virual machine = SZ halluc nor real
        • why voices neg?
        • mainly explain pos symp
    • Behavioural
      • reinforced telling off/ punishment
      • SZ learned response external stimuli.
      • Liberman act respond soc acceptable. Parents of SZ mothers not reinforce social acceptable behaviour to stimuli
        • notice less socially accepted stimuli react
      • once pattern is ;learnt hard to reverse
      • Belcher ignoring bizarre behaviour + reinforcing soc acceptable = reduce SZ
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