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  • Psychological exp AN
    • Hypotheical
      • Difficult falsify develop by ego, superego, id. unconcious difficult to test - based on hyptheical reasoning - relying on idea may lack internal valdiity
    • Predispostions,triggers
      • then why is there large amount western AN. purely behavioural - does not allow bioloigcal idea some prediposed by genes. some prediposed do not develop. triggers. emphasis complexity. can not limit to psy or bio
    • Only nurture
      • Ignores nature lack generlizability e.g genetics (bulik et al) other factors need to be considered - lack valdiity
    • Cultural bias
      • May not be most reliable other culture may interpret differently or western cultures used to barrage of perfection less affected than fijians
    • Subjective
      • Interpretationsvary, lack reliability e.g potty training/parental conflicts. however exp differ between iID considered - higher ecological valdity, no individual has same experiences
    • Bruch, ineffective parents
      • Ineffective parents. grow up confused of internal needs e.g cries anxious feed or comfort when hungry. Adolescence desire autonomy. Child effective unable, do not own bodies. Overcome helplessness,control over body shape. develop AN
    • Fijian
      • Becker and al - eating and behaviours Fihin intro of TV found desire to lose weight be more like westenr stars can still influence non-western. impact media can have. not seen tv before want to look like western stars
    • Remain pre-pubescent
      • Crisp, girls body fat, menstrual prevevents = AN. unconsious remain childhood. amenorrhoea prevents preg. low BF = smaller. unable to cope adulthood. stay under care longer. avoiding adulthood
    • Psychodynamic
      • Sigmound freud, early childhood experience conflicts unconscious and conscious (ego, superego, id). repressed emotions, exert influence behaviour - avoid food and control weight
    • ID
      • Low self esteem more likely to compare to idealised images. influences more. medias image of perfection. difficult between media and cultural influences
    • Symptom with cause
      • Subjective. characteristicslead to this conclusion (menstrual, weight loss) are symptoms of AN, reducing reliaiblity. limiting understanding
    • Gender bias
      • Focus on females difficult to generlise men differ e.g do not menstruaate, no suitable limits, less explainations
    • Media
      • Major source of influence drive for thinnes, models and TV stars social learning theory imitating models
    • Reductionist
      • Ignores other psychological factors e.g media and cultural can not just be menstuate complex not just 1 factor
    • Limits treatment
      • Understanding limited and thepries. dream analysis effective may not be suitable if not influenced by psycholoigcal factors - lacks external valdity


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