Psychological therapies for schizophrenia

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  • Psychological therapies for Schizophrenia
    • CBT
      • between 5-20 sessions
        • helps patients identify irrational thoughts and change them
          • does not eliminate schizophrenia just helps patient cope
    • Token economies
      • reward systems used to manage behaviour in psychiatric hospitals
        • common for patients to develop bad hygiene
          • modification improves quality of life, does not cure it
      • tokens given as soon as patients complete desirable behaviour
        • immediate gratification
          • prevents delay discounting
    • family therapy
      • aims to improve quality of communic. and interaction
        • reduce stress in the family that contribute to relapse
      • pharaoh et al
        • 1. form therapeutic alliance with family            2. reduce the stress of caring for schizophrenic 3. improve problem solving skills 4. reduction of built up anger 5. help find care - life balance        6.improve beliefs about the illness
          • reduce stress and EE increases chances of taking medication and reduces relapse rate


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