Psychological problems key concepts

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  • Key concepts  Psychological problems
    • 4.) Stigma & discrimination
      • Discrimination before diagnosis
        • Discrimination when other people act on it (friends don't invite person out as they're boring)
        • Withdraw from 'normal life' (cancel plans with friends)
      • Discrimination after
        • Treated differently due to perceptions now placed on them (e.g family keep children away)
      • Stigma before diagnisis
        • Negative stereotypes triggered when people see/hear abnormal behaviour
        • People developing disorders perceived negatively, labelled as weird, crazy...
      • Stigma after
        • Particular disorders associated with own stereotypes (depression-suicidal)
        • Individuals labelled, subjected to stigma, become self fulfilling prophecy (behave the way assumption expects them to)
    • 5.) Effects of mental health problems on wider society
      • Public services
        • Less funding
        • More demand
        • Care in the community (health & social care outside of hospitals & treating people in homes & normal circumstance
          • Pressure on families & communities without resources, time, expertise
          • Sufferers end up in & out hospital or drop out of society & end up on streets
          • More likely to get better in usual surroundings
          • more beneficial than isolating individuals
      • Law
        • Equality Act (2010)  protects people from unfair treatment, rights to work & education
      • Society's attitude
        • Communities worried about being close to sufferers, conflict
        • Government schemes trying to help
        • Rising number people with mental health problems more likely yo interact with people with one, breaks down prejudice


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