Psychological Hedonism

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  • Psychological Hedonism
    • pleasure is the ultimate goal in our minds
      • Bentham argue we sometimes we sacrifice pleasure for fear of punishment + for long term pleasures
      • some religious believers think pleasure is wrong e.g. whipping
        • Bentham would argue still instinctively driven by pleasure
      • Mill - psychological hedonism only counts for 'lower' pleasures
    • criticism 1 - states of affairs in the world
      • Nozick's machine - a machine that offers everlasting sensation of pleasure but you can't leave
        • people don't sign up because people prefer experiencing reality
    • Criticism 2 - specific actions + objects themselves
      • want the object itself, not the pleasure from it
        • Sidwick (1838-1900)
    • Criticism 3 - pleasure is behaviour, not sensations
      • pleasure is what we seek
        • we carry out behaviour which leads us to what we seek pleasure (sensation)
      • some utilitarians believe we should focus on satisfying people's preferences rather than seeking pleasure
        • Preference Utilitarianism


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