psychodynamic approach

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  • Psychological Explanations: Psychodynam-ic Explanations
    • Inadequate superego's can lead to immoral behaviour
      • The superego is guided by moral judgement
      • If the superego is inadequate then the Id is given free rain (pleasure principle)
        • Criminal behaviour is inevitable
      • Three Types
        • Weak, Deviant, Over-Harsh
    • Weak Superego
      • Developed from the absence of a same-sex parent during the phallic stage
        • The child cannot form a superego due to no opportunity for identification
    • Deviant Superego
      • When the child internalises deviant values
        • E.g. raised by criminal parents, deviant behaviour will be acceptable and no experience of guilt
    • Over-Harsh Superego
      • Criminal acts to satisfy need for punishment
        • Individual crippled by guilt and anxiety
    • Failure to establish early childhood bond with mother leads to affectionless psychopathy
      • Lack of empathy and guilt
      • Maternally deprived individuals more likely to commit criminal acts
    • 44 thieves
      • Supports maternal deprivation theory
      • 14 thieves showed affectionless psychopathy
        • 12 of which had prolonged separation from mothers in infancy


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