Psychological explanations of schizophrenia

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  • Psychological explanations for Schizophrenia
    • family dysfunction
      • Double-bind theory
        • Bateson: developing child regularly finds themselves trapped in a situation where they fear doing the wrong thing
      • The schizophreno-genic mother
        • Fromm-Reichman: the mother is cold, rejecting and controlling. climate of tension and secrecy
          • leads to paranoid delusions of persecution then schizophrenia
      • Expressed emotion
        • amount of negative emotions expressed to the patient by their carer
          • 1. verbal criticism + violence
            • 2. hostility (anger + rejection)
              • emotional over-involvement
          • can be a stressor: cause of schizophrenia and a cause of relapse
    • cognitive explanations
      • disruption to normal thought processing
        • reduced processing in the ventral striatum = negative symptoms
        • reduced processing in the temporal and cingulate gyri = hallucinations
      • Frith et al dysfunctional thought processing
        • 1. metarepresen-tation: ability to reflect on thought and behaviour
          • disruption= inability to recognise own actions, theyre carried out by someone else. Explains thought insertion
        • 2. Central control: supress automatic responses while we perform deliberate actions instead
          • disruption= disorganised speech and thought disorder. sufferers become derailed as a word will trigger associations i.e tangents
  • receive mixed messages about what it is and feel unable to seek clarification
    • punished by withdrawals of love
      • causes disorganised thinking and paranoid delusions


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